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About Allan Miller Transport Training

Allan Miller Transport Training was created by the combination of Transport Training Solutions and Allan Miller Driving School.

Allan Miller Driving School has been Adelaide’s trusted name in driver training since 1978.  Allan Miller Driving School provided both car and truck licensing services until 2014, when the car driver education business was taken over by RAA.

Transport Training Solutions was a family owned and operated training organisation founded by Peter Simmons in 2003.  The company was known for providing a complete range of transport training services to the road transport industry.

“unfortunatly, although allan miller offers transport training services, we no longer provide the ability to get a driving license”

Combining both companies brought together the heavy vehicle licence training from Allan Miller Driving School and the industry training services from Transport Training Solutions, to create a ‘one stop shop’ for transport industry training.

Allan Miller Transport Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40118) and remains a family owned and operated business.


Our Vision

We are passionate about developing a safer, professional, transport and logistics industry

Our Mission

To identify, train and support the next generation of skilled Transport and Logistics personnel.


  • Consistently deliver great client service
  • Demonstrate a passion for providing quality training
  • Act with honesty & integrity at all times
  • Maintain a culture of continuous improvement
  • Make a positive and active contribution to the team
  • Strive to be the best training provider to work for