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Automatic Truck Training Licence For HR, HC, MC

Why pay more to learn a skill you don’t need or have already learnt? We offer automatic truck licence upgrades in classes HR, HC or MC.

You can save on the number of lessons you need, because we don’t have to teach and assess you driving the non-synchromesh (‘crash’) gearbox.

There are licence restrictions to be aware of with automatic truck training:

1. You can do a licence upgrade in an automatic truck, and if you currently hold an unrestricted licence of class HR or above you are not restricted again (you have previously demonstrated competence with the ‘crash’ gearbox).

2. Otherwise, you will be issued with a ‘restricted’ automatic licence. This may be suitable for many jobs in the industry that require you only to hold an automatic licence (for example, agitator, waste management, buses, mining or the MFS – check with the employer first).

We are always available for refresher training in a crash gearbox, or additional training as required to remove your licence restriction.

Offering Automatic Truck Training Licence In North & The South Of Adelaide

We offer truck training for people living all over Adelaide & wider South Australia. We operate out of the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide:

  • 1 Senna Road, Wingfield SA 5013

Please confirm your desired training location when booking.