Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Are your workers trained to lift and move cargo safely?

In order to reduce the potential risks of back or other injury, staff should be properly trained in the correct manual handling techniques.

The common causes of injury due in occupations requiring manual handling of cargo are:

  2. Lifting after driving / long periods of driving
  3. Lifting large items (weight of item is not only issue)
  4. Handling difficult items
  5. Over reaching
  6. Lifting and twisting
  7. Repetitive lifting
  8. Uncomfortable
  9. Holding the load away

How Allan Miller Transport Training can help

nrt_logo-copyWe offer a manual handling training course that covers the awareness of these common causes of injury as well as practical training in the correct techniques to reduce the risk:

  • Assess risks arising from relocation of a load
  • Plan a load relocation to ensure safety
  • Relocate load using WH&S procedures
  • Use appropriate WH&S lifting techniques

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