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Allan Miller Transport Training believes in helping new workers for the transport industry get the skills and experience they need to get a job, which is more than just a licence.

Our programs benefits transport companies by providing workers with higher levels of skills and experience, who are safer and more productive.



Pre-Employment Courses

Looking for a job as a truck or bus driver? Our courses prepare jobseekers for entry into a driving job by combining training, experience and job search assistance.

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Allan Miller Transport Training works with transport companies to develop the skills of their workforce with complete and tailored training packages available.

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Become an instructor

Being a Motor Driving Instructor (MDI) can be an interesting, rewarding and challenging career. Most MDIs are self-employed, so you should be ready for the risks (and rewards) of running your own business and being your own boss.

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Hiring truck or bus drivers?

Transport companies look to hire drivers should contact Allan Miller Transport Training. We can assist by referring graduates of our pre-employment programs, who have completed their training course and gained real work experience.  We can also provide ongoing training and support for new workers.

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Upcoming Courses