Hiring truck or bus drivers?

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Hiring truck or bus drivers?

We can help transport companies that are having difficulty finding the right drivers to run their business – drivers who are skilled, experienced and with the right attitude.

Our specialty is to help where a company find the right person that they want to invest in, but would like help training them up.

In our pre-employment courses, we screen, up-skill and provide experience for brand new people looking to get into driving jobs. Graduates of these courses are great candidates for entry level roles, or you can send your candidate into the course and employ them as job-ready when they finish.

We can keep the training going after they start in the job through our traineeship programs, where one of our experienced trainers is buddied with the new driver and their workplace supervisor during the first 1-2 years of work.

So call us next time you are hiring to see if we can help you skill up the right drivers ready to go for your business.