The complete training program for transport & logistics workers

Traineeships are a partnership between Allan Miller Transport Training and an employer, working together to up-skill a worker. It works with a combination of on-job supervised experience and structured training from one of our industry experienced trainers.

They are a great way to provide support for a new worker with a dedicated experienced ‘buddy’ for the first 1-2 years of work.  Under a traineeship, government subsidies can help to offset the high cost of hiring and training up a new worker.

Allan Miller Transport Training has trained hundreds of students in traineeship programs Australia-wide, at transport companies both large and small.

We can provide traineeships in:

  • Driving Operations – for truck and bus drivers with specialties like refrigerated freight, local and interstate bus driving, waste removal, heavy freight, pick up & delivery, dangerous goods and container freight.
  • Warehousing Operations – for store workers and other warehouse personnel.
  • Logistics – customer service and logistics administration.
  • Yard Operations – loading and unloading, yard hands.

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Our training is structured to minimise disruption to your operation, and to provide recognition for operators that have gained skills ‘on the job’.

Some classroom training is required, however a significant proportion of our program is completed by accompanying the trainee while they are working so
there is no down time incurred.

We allocate a dedicated trainer to your training program, so that that specific company policies/procedures are built into the training program.

Traineeships are delivered over a 1-2 year time period, and cover a comprehensive selection of topics tailored to your requirements.