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Course details

TLILIC0003 – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

This course is a nationally recognised course which provides students with quality forklift training in compliance with South Australian acts and regulations, such as WHS.

Pre-course requirements

Applicants must:-

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have photo identification
  • have no medical conditions that would prevent the issue of a forklift licence
  • have a command of the English language to enable fluent communication
  • wear fully enclosed footwear
  • must study and have a full understanding of the work booklet prior to attending course
  • These are compulsory requirements to attend this course.

Course content

  • Relevant Australian Standards, Legislation & Regulations
  • Pre-start and shut down procedures
  • Forklift operations and controls
  • WHS principles
  • High risk assessment & hazards
  • Load Shifting/Handling
  • Theory and practical test

Forklift – Verification of Competence (VOC)


  • Verification of Competency (VOC) of forklift operators can be delivered at our clients work site or AMTT’s depot.
  • AMTT can conduct Assessments on all sizes of forklift trucks from 2500 tonne to container heavy movers
  • AMTT will conduct a forklift assessment only on all operators.  The forklift assessment will cover the following areas:
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Vehicle skills
  • Operating awareness
  • Traffic skills
  • Load management
  • Shut down and parking
  • Hazard identification and control measures

1.1.  The forklift assessment is a practical demonstration/assessment which also includes verbal examination to evaluate the competency of each operator.

1.2.  A written report with any recommendations for further training will be supplied, if required.

1.3.    AMTT will provide a qualified and accredited trainer to conduct the VOC on the forklift operators.

TLID2010 Operate a Forklift Truck – Accredited Training

Employees will be trained to an industry-standard of competency for the relevant forklift assessments.  This course is based on the nationally recognised unit of competency TLID2010 operate a forklift truck and cover the following areas:

  • Check forklift condition
  • Drive forklift
  • Operate forklift to handle loads
  • Monitor site conditions
  • Monitor and maintain forklift performance
  • To evaluate the competency of each operator through a theory/classroom assessment then a practical observation assessment.
  • A written report with any recommendations for further training will be supplied, if required.
  • AMTT will provide a qualified and accredited trainer to implement forklift assessment program.

Project Approach & Deliverables

  • Employees must meet pre-course requirements:-
  • must provide & hold a current forklift licence (high risk licence)
  • wear fully enclosed footwear or steel cap boots if this is a PPE requirement at your site

All operators would attend a classroom session with duration of 3 hours.  This would include a PowerPoint presentation covering the following areas:

  • efficient driving techniques
  • engine power management and safe operating strategies
  • forklift controls, instruments and indicators, and their use
  • forklift handling procedures
  • high risk work licence requirements
  • operating hazards and related defensive driving and hazard control techniques
  • operational emergency procedures
  • pre-operational checks carried out on forklift and related action
  • principles of stress management when driving a forklift
  • relevant duty of care requirements  for operating a forklift
  • relevant WHS/OHS and environmental procedures and regulations
  • site layout and obstacles
  • Workplace operating procedures.

The practical demonstration/assessment will require each operator to successfully complete the following tasks:

  • Hazard identification
  • Ensure all pre-operational checks are completed.
  • Drive forklift through obstacle course in reverse twice and forward twice.
  • Pick up a pallet selected by the assessor and complete the obstacle course in reverse twice and forward twice.
  • Lift pallet and place in low level racking.
  • Collect pallet from high level in racking and move pallet/IBC to another high level racking.
  • Collect pallet from medium level racking and return to original pick up point.
  • Re-stack the pallets in a straight stack and return to original pick up point.
  • Shut down and park forklift.
  • NB: practical demonstration/assessment can be tailored to the client’s site as long as the above areas are covered.
  • The practical component of the training course is hands-on and supervised under instruction.  Our training is structured to suit and is worked around your operational requirements, to provide a structured quality practical session to all your operators.

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