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Do you want to drive semi trailers, or a large truck+dog trailer?

Licence Information
A HC licence allows you to drive any prime mover with a single semi-trailer, or heavy vehicle plus a single trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM – which can also be driven with MC licence.
Have held a HR licence for at least 1 year or have completed TILE course. Must also have no outstanding business with Transport SA (i.e. unpaid parking fines or speeding tickets) and have no medical conditions that would prevent the issue of commercial driver’s licence.

Recommended Number of Lessons
We recommend drivers upgrading to the HC licence receive at least 21-30 hours of instruction. Instruction is usually given in 3 hour time blocks to avoid driver fatigue. Required hours quoted are an average only – any additional hours required are discussed with individuals on a case by case basis.

Course content
Click here to download the Trainee Guide For Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combination (HR and HC)

Course Assessment
Allan Miller recommends the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) approach for drivers seeking heavy vehicle driver training. Competency Based Training is a system where assessment takes place throughout the training program, and allows for re-training and re-assessment of errors.

We provide HC training and assessment from Wingfield.

CITB funding

CITB funding is available – let us know you are eligible for CITB funding when booking.