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Do you want to drive B-doubles or Road Trains?

Licence Information
You may drive any heavy combination of 2 or more trailers, including road-trains and B-doubles.


Prior to us accepting an enrolment, the student must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • must have held a class HC driver’s licence for at least one year (HC on-road driving experience recommended), OR
  • have held a class HR licence for at least one year and have satisfactorily completed a 3-hour pre-MC driver training and evaluation session, and
  • have no outstanding business with Transport SA (i.e. unpaid parking fines or speeding tickets), and
  • have no medical conditions that would prevent the issue of class MC licence

Course content

Students will be trained and assessed in the following:

  • Theory – Commercial Road Law and Road Craft
  • Practical – Reversing manoeuvres
  • Practical – Coupling / uncoupling trailers and dolly
  • Practical – Four compulsory drives, including hills drive

Click here to download the Trainee Guide For Multi Combination (MC Licence)

Course delivery

The theory component of the course is a 3-hour session delivered in a classroom format.

Students upgrading from HR then receive a 3-hour familiarisation with articulated vehicles in a Heavy Combination (HC).

The practical component of the course is conducted one-to-one and scheduled as a 1 day programme. The practical training begins in the yard to complete reversing and coupling/uncoupling trailers, followed by the on-road driving component.

Please note that all students are different and some students may require additional training to achieve competency. We will discuss arrangements for additional training and assessment on a case by case basis.

Course materials
We provide all materials required for the course, including a student handbook for reference.

Our trainers are all Accredited Instructors, have extensive industry experience and a track record of delivering quality training. We emphasise a friendly and relaxed approach, and provide the support necessary for students to successfully complete their training.

Assessment is competency-based, and is a combination of written assessment of knowledge and practical demonstration of skills.

Locations available
The theory and practical sessions are conducted at Wingfield.