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Affordable & Professional Truck Driving Trainers In Adelaide

At Allan Miller Transport Training we offer a wide range of truck licence’s in Adelaide. We have course in:

LR (light rigid) – small busses or trucks

MR (medium rigid) – trucks or buses

HR (heavy rigid) – heavy rigid trucks or double buses

HC (heavy combination) – heavy articulated vehicles

MC (multi combination) – B doubles, prime mover, low loader dolly and low loader combitions, road trains.

We also offer forklift courses as well as many other courses such as load management, OHS, dangrrous goods course and so on.

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How do the classification of the trucks work?

The class of vehicle licence is determined by the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) found on the registration sticker or the compliance plate of the vehicle. There are no separate licence classes for trucks and buses, it is determined by the weight of the vehicle & number of axles (see below), and a licence from a higher class lets you drive a smaller one. Typically an LR, MR or HR can tow a trailer as long it is less than 9 tonnes and within Gross Combination Mass (GCM) limits.


Small delivery van or bus up to 8 tonnes.



A larger rigid truck or bus, with maximum two axles. Can also drive a special purpose vehicle up to 15 tonnes (e.g. a bob-tail prime mover or tractor).



Rigid vehicle with three axles, also including an articulated bus.



Semi-trailer, or a rigid vehicle towing a trailer more than 9 tonnes.



B-double or road train.


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If you have any questions regarding your course or the licence you wish to do please give us a call. If you want to find the information yourself for research please visit the links about to the various truck licences. We look forward to hearing from you & helping you where possible.