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Allan Miller Transport Training

Allan Miller Transport Training has been supplying a quality-driven, reliable service to the transport and warehousing sector since 1978.

Allan Miller Transport Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40118) and remains a family-owned and operated business.

Why choose Allan Miller Transport Training?

We provide a ’ one-stop shop’ for all of the training services a transport/warehousing operation might require for its operators. This means we provide your people with the skills that are needed to do the job.

The importance of correct knowledge of regulations in the transport industry cannot be underestimated. Not having this knowledge exposes your people and business to expensive breaches of regulations, an increased safety risk, gaol time, or even a business-ending catastrophe.

Having well-trained people drives efficiencies and a higher order of safety in your business.

Safe efficient people maintain equipment to reduce running costs, they are also operating at a lower safety risk by following procedures and adhering to company policies.

If you are unemployed or looking for a career change come and see us as we can assist you in training and experience to find the right position.

We welcome inquiries from job active providers.

It takes more than a licence to get a job in transport and there are many career choices in the transport industry.

We do more than help people get driving jobs.

Companies looking to find skilled workers in all areas of transport/warehousing are encouraged to contact us.

Great friendly team with extremely knowledgeable instructors. I highly recommend the team at Allan Miller Transport Training.


Adelaide, SA

The Trucking Essentials program covers

  • Industry Terminology
  • Industry expectations
  • Filling out work diaries
  • Load restraint
  • Customer service
  • Dimensions and mass
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Industry documentation
  • Safe heavy vehicle driving behaviors and low-risk driving techniques.

This week-long course gives a great insight into how the industry works. Having this knowledge well prepares the individual for the industry and encourages them to continue building on this foundation. The obvious benefits here are that when they start their new position during the onboarding process they have an understanding of what is required.

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