Trucking Essentials

We want people to train as we are constantly getting inquiries from the industry as experienced people are becoming harder to find. Failing to correctly train your people can have severe consequences. Providing training for your people can go a long way towards

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Back It Up

With this practical 90 minute course, we specialise in advanced reversing skills for HC and MC drivers. Often, drivers manage to reverse these vehicles competently enough to obtain their license but that is not enough to fulfill industry requirements

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Driver Evaluations

This Validation process is a quality review that confirms the driving skills of your operator. Our experienced trainer/assessor will ride with your driver either, during their working day or a specific session and monitor their driving behaviors.

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Short Course Training

The below courses are offered by Allan Miller Transport Training on a regular basis. These courses are what the transport industry often requires and are very popular. These courses are conducted in a classroom situation for the theory. Both theory and practical abilities are tested in these courses.

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Employment at Allan Miller Transport Training

The Transport industry is desperately short of good experienced drivers in all categories. We are constantly looking for opportunities to employ inexperienced heavy vehicle drivers. If you are looking for a career as a driver this is a great way to start.

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Forklift Training

Allan Miller Transport Training offers a cost-effective, flexible, and high-quality forklift training and assessment service. This course is a nationally recognised course that provides students with quality forklift training in compliance with South Australian acts and regulations

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Traineeships in partnership with companies

Traineeships are a partnership between Allan Miller Transport Training and an employer, working together to up-skill a worker. It works with a combination of on-job supervised experience and structured training from one of our industry experienced trainers.

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