Validation of competencies

This Validation process is a quality review that confirms the driving skills of your operator. Our experienced trainer/assessor will ride with your driver either, during their working day or a specific session and monitor their driving behaviours. The assessor will look at things like; safe driving behaviours, courteous driving, safety cushions, braking and road law. Also, an important part of this test is confirming the roadworthiness and compliance of the vehicle.

Driver training and evaluation

Some heavy vehicle drivers struggle with their job even though they have the appropriate licence. This could be the nature of the vehicle not just a regular heavy vehicle but for example, a concrete agitator, a container side lifter or a compaction waste truck. There are many different types of heavy vehicles servicing the community and these require extra skills to do the job. Our trainer assessors have many and varied experiences of equipment in the transport industry to assist in this type of training.

Yard licences

This service is becoming very popular as businesses recognise their responsibility to apply a duty of care and to meet compliance issues when employees operate vehicles for which they are not licenced on private property.

An appropriate Yard licence only allows your yard staff to operate only that class of vehicle at the nominated address and not on public roads. The benefits of a yard licence are that your employees have been trained and know how to operate that vehicle in a safe manner for that situation.

Should there be an incident having this type of training would go a long way towards meeting your compliance needs.

A yard licence is endorsed on the operator’s driving licence.

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